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Book Review: "Kerin Finds Her Beat", by Shanequa Waison Rattray

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Have you ever been nervous, yet excited about trying something new?

Well in “Kerin Finds Her Beat” author, Shanequa Waison Rattray takes young readers through all the emotions and expectations that go along with embarking on a new journey.

In this book, Kerin begins ballet class and is super nervous. She wants to be good, but questions her ability. However, she soon realizes that she has family and a community of people who are encouraging and rooting for her to succeed. They reinforce in Kerin that it’s ok to be nervous, but with hard work and practice, she can accomplish anything!

This chapter book is perfect for readers 7-11 years old. With Waison Rattray’s descriptive narrative and the vibrant illustrations throughout, you are easily transported into Kerin’s world and feel like you’re right there in class with her!

If you’re looking for a book that’s encouraging and let’s your child know it’s ok to make mistakes, just try again- then this is for you!

As Kerin’s Mom says, “Practice makes perfect!”

Purchase your copy on Amazon here.

Or at where a portion of all sales is dedicated to keeping independently owned and operated bookstores open.


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