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Which Independent Bookstores Are Selling Your Book? Here's How to Find Out.

Updated: Apr 18

Ok. So you’ve placed your book for distribution through Ingramsparks or some other book distribution company. Now what? You may finally see your book at big online stores like Barnes and Noble, Target or Walmart, but what about the small, local independently owned bookstores around the country?

Like any other new author excited to see their book baby go out into the world, I am always curious about where my book is being carried. To that end, I often google my title and then anxiously hit the the search button in the hopes of possibly seeing it in some major bookstore.

One day in the midst of my search, I discovered is a store referral site for customers searching for an independent bookstore. IndieBound is all about independent bookstores and the power of “local first” shopping.

Much like, which essentially is an online bookstore, is also on a mission to promote, collaborate with and financially support local, independent bookstores. On their site, you can find where the local independent bookstores are in your neighborhood and beyond, as well as link to their websites to make book purchases.

I decided to see if my book had been picked up by any local booksellers. I wasn't expecting much when I plugged in my book’s title in the “Search Books” bar. Well! I was completely surprised to find out that there were so many virtual and brick and mortar stores carrying my book! I shared this tip with some fellow authors, and they were all equally surprised as well.

So, go to, and you might be surprised at what quaint little bookshop in some far away town you never heard of, is carrying your book!

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