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Book Review: Andrew Career Day Series, by Tiffany Obeng

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

The first two books of Tiffany Obeng's Andrew Career Day series, “Andrew Learns About Actors” and “Andrew Learns About Teachers” are enjoyable and educational.

In the first, Andrew Learns About Actors, Andrew explores the profession from the glamour to the personal and realistic side of it, and all in a way that is easy enough for a child to follow, understand and really appreciate.

In the second of the series, Andrew Learns About Teachers, Andrew pays homage to great teachers and all the wonderful ways they teach, motivate and encourage children. Both books are told in a way that is easy enough for a preschool and elementary school age child to follow and understand. The illustrations are bright and engaging with an emphasis on representation. Your child will definitely enjoy them!!

Purchase your copy of Andrew Learn about actors on Amazon here.

And Andrew Learns About Teachers on Amazon here.

Or at where a portion of all sales is dedicated to keeping independently owned and operated bookstores open.


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