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Book Review: “Andrew Learns About Engineers” by Tiffany Obeng

Engineers! Andrew with Daddy, this time, takes us on an exciting journey to learn all about engineers. Author, Tiffany Obeng @sugarcookiebooks, really did her research because even as an adult, I learned a thing or two! Andrew’s daddy tells him all about the different types of engineers and the very important work that they do from taking us to space, to building our cities. Through engaging poetic verse, readers will learn along with Andrew about the patience and skill it takes to become an engineer and do the work that they. They’ll also learn some new vocabulary and proper pronunciation along the way.

Finally, readers are encouraged and empowered by learning about famous Black engineers who made great contributions to our society. This book has all the tools to get your little one eager to design their own prototype and create something to make all our lives better! This is yet another gem in the Andrew Career Day Series! Well done! If you haven’t already, go out and collect them all!

Get your copy at or on Amazon, and be sure to leave a review!


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