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Book Review: “Grand Joy” by Kim C. Lee and K. Denise Hendershot

What is Grand Joy? Friends, K. Denise Hendershot and Kim C. Lee (“Night Owl” and “Meet Frankie Jordan”) have joined forces to write a beautiful book about family, and all the things that make the people and time we share with them special.

Written in poetic free verse, each page is filled with memory making times with the ones you love. From baking cookies with Mom, splashing and building sandcastles at the beach to watching Grandpa and Gram dance around in the kitchen, each moment gives meaning to the term “Grand Joy”. It is the people, places and moments in life that make you happy; whatever makes your heart sing🎶!

I really enjoyed this book! Reading it, gives you such a warm, glowing feeling as it reminds you of all the Grand Joy you have around you. It will also inspire your little ones to find and appreciate the Grand Joy in their lives as well!

The illustrations are bright and engaging. There’s a smile on each page! Plus I loved seeing such diverse characters, especially in a family setting. This book checks all the boxes.

A terrific addition to your child’s library, run out (or online) and get it today!!

You can purchase “Grand Joy” at or on Amazon.


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