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Book Review: “Andrew Learns About Lawyers” by Tiffany Obeng

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Ok. So, author, Tiffany Obeng, is really on a roll. She has churned out another gem!!! “Andrew Learns About Lawyers” is the third installment in the Andrew Career Day Series and in my opinion it’s the BEST one so far!!

In this book, Andrew gets ready to go to work with Mama for “Take Your Son to Work Day” when he suddenly realizes that he doesn’t know what Mama does for a living. She then takes him on a guided tour explaining what lawyers or attorneys “(uh-turn-knees)” do.

Tiffany does an excellent job breaking down the profession in a way that any young child can understand. She not only explains what they (we 😉- like me Tiffany is also an attorney) do but she describes in perfect rhyming form what the functions of different types of lawyers are, like family, criminal and bankruptcy lawyers. She also delves into the other aspects of law like “judges, mayors, governors or presidents, statesmen or civil rights activists.” Finally, she honors famous lawyers in history who fought for change.

Let’s not forget the illustrations, which are bright and really do a great job of highlighting the text.

I can’t scream enough that this book is perfect for explaining the profession in a very meaningful way to any little one. Educators will be happy that Tiffany has created this valuable resource to explain to students what lawyers do and their function in society.

As usual, this diverse book is also a win in that it shows people of various skin tones as lawyers, so every child knows that it’s attainable.

Skip, run and jump to get a copy of this terrific book. Oh! And be sure to leave a 5 review!

Purchase a copy on Amazon: here.

Or at where a portion of all sales is dedicated to keeping independently owned and operated bookstores open.

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