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Book Review: "Dreamers" by Yuyi Morales

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

The bestselling book, Dreamers, by Yuyi Morales is a magnificently illustrated, poetically told celebration of the immigrant spirit and their resilience to navigate a new land and find their way.

In Dreamers, a mother with her infant son must find a way to navigate life in her new home. She has difficulty assimilating because of the language and cultural barriers. She and her son then discover the library and all it has to offer. Soon, books “become their life.”

As the daughter of immigrant parents, I am well aware of the incredible bravery it takes for someone to leave everything they’ve known to come to a foreign land and build a life. My parents, like other immigrants, came not only with cherished personal possessions but with baggage filled with their hopes, dreams, history and resolve to forge a better life, not only for themselves but for their families and descendants.

All children will enjoy the stunning images of Dreamers as they learn and appreciate the immigrant experience and their contributions to the resilient spirit of America.

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