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Book Review: "I Fit IN Just Right", by Sherricka Carpenter Stanley

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

"Designed to show how we all "fit" in our family, this children's book celebrating the Black Family takes you through the familial relationships of this young boy as he sees all the ways he belongs with his “beautiful group of loved ones."

I loved this book! The poetic verse was simple, yet engaging, entertaining and impactful for even a very young reader or audience. I was tickled by the expression of the main character’s relationships with his various family members. The images were bright and colorful and showed a Black family engaged in all kinds of activities, which shined a positive light.

After reading this book, any reader will see that this isn’t a “black” book, but just simply a book about a loving and supportive family- regardless of skin tone. The bond the narrator has with his loved ones is universal. Every illustration looked like a beautiful family portrait. It was like a family reunion. You will love to read this book to your little one time and time again.

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