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Book Review: "Let's Go Dreaming into the Stars" by Shanita Allen

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Looking for the perfect book to settle your little ones and get them ready for bed? Well look no further. Author, Shanita Allen has written the perfect book to get them dreaming in no time. Her book, “Let’s Go Dreaming into the Stars” is a real gem. The illustrations by Michelle Dominando are so bright, and the colors definitely remind you of a dream.

The story, the third in a series, is about little Ari and her best friend and pet, Pepper. Together, they drift off into dreamland and find themselves flying way above the trees and eventually lifting off to outer space. There, they encounter an astronaut, 🚀Galaxy Joe, who takes them exploring all over space 🪐. Eventually, Ari is called back home and must say goodbye to everything, including the Man in the Moon🌝. But hopefully the goodbye isn’t for long.

I really enjoyed this book! The text and clever rhymes spark the imagination and is such a fun fantasy, that children will truly enjoy exploring space with Ari and Pepper. They’ll want to read this again and again, making it their favorite bedtime story. I can’t wait to see what other dream adventures they go on with Galaxy Joe!! Wonderful job!!!

Shanita Allen is also the author of “Sleep, Tiny Dreamer” and “What is a Dream”. Each of these books has a companion coloring book and can be found on Amazon here:

Or at where a portion of all sales is dedicated to keeping independently owned and operated bookstores open.


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