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Book Review: “Not Quite Snow White” by Ashley Franklin

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

“Not Quite Snow White” by Ashley Franklin is the tale of Tameika, a talented little girl who loves to sing, dance, act and display all her talents in front of an audience “stuffed and unstuffed”. Time and time again she is the star of her school plays, and each time she gives it all she’s got. So when the next school musical is “Snow White,” she naturally wants to audition. And after all, “she’d never played a princess before.”

Not only is Tameika talented, she proves to be a caring and helpful girl to her friends as she helps them with their lines and sing their best for their auditions. However, Tameika doesn’t feel that support returned when she overhears kids say that there’s no way she could be a princess like Snow White- “she’s too tall, too chubby and too brown.”

Hurt and somewhat broken, her parents give her a hefty dose of confidence to believe that she’s “not too much of anything but just enough of all the right stuff.” After her powerful audition and performance, everyone else certainly learns that too.

I really loved this book! The illustrations were vibrant and full of emotion and this story is the perfect book to instill a hefty dose of confidence in any little girl who may doubt herself. I also love the relationship Tameika has with her parents and all the loving encouragement they gave her.

This is another must have for your library.

✨✨ "Representation is not only important to ensure that children see themselves in the world, but so that all children see, learn about and appreciate those who are different from them."✨✨

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