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Book Review: “Through Our Eyes”, by Sherricka Carpenter Stanley

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case you certainly can. Just one look at the cover of Sherricka Carpenter Stanley’s new book, Through Our Eyes, and you can tell that this is destined to be a classic.

In Through Our Eyes, Carpenter Stanley transports readers, young and old, back to a day when glass ceilings were shattered and hearts were unified in celebrating the inauguration of two firsts, our first female and first Vice President of color. Through colorfully descriptive poetic free verse and illustrations, Carpenter Stanley commemorates the day by capturing the thoughts, feelings and hopes of women and young girls everywhere who were filled with empowerment at the notion that “My VP looks like me!”

Whether you wore your finest hat, chucks and pearls, watched intently or passively as you worked- the sentiment of the moment was the same. The ancestors beamed with pride from beyond, and women of all shades embraced the reality that we now HAVE to be included “in the sequel.”

Bright and inspirational illustrations both complement and capture the text perfectly. Though intended for a young audience, you will no doubt want to read this time and time again, sharing it with every little girl in your life, not only now but years from now. I originally ordered a copy for my niece, but quickly realized, that I’d need one for my own library. This is a must for your library as well.

Through Our Eyes will definitely not disappoint.

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